Saturday, 3 May 2014

Morning Routine!

Hello Alison here! Today i'm going to be doing my Morning Routine! Let's get started.

Okay! So the first thing i do when i wake up is have breakfast! I have some tea (of course) and piece of toast with either nutella or butter, Also i have been loving yogurts lately, I love the passion fruit yogurt and Onken yogurt!

In the morning i am such a clean freak, So i make my bed, Clean my desk and my dresser!

Then i get changed! Usually i just wear some tracksuit bottoms, Tshirt and cardigan when im at home!Today i'm wearing a Converse Cardigan, Littlewoods USA Print Tshirt and some Primark tracksuit bottoms! Also i wear the Sure deoderant.

I then fold my 'Grumpy In The Morning' Pajamas.

I brush my teeth after i'm done cleaning my room with Colgate toothpaste (:

After i am done brushing my teeth, I go into my bedroom and put on Astral Moisturiser which i put on every morning because i feel fresher! Then i put on my handcream which is either WonderStruck or Taylor by Taylor Swift or Red Door by Elizabeth Arder. After that i put on my lipcare it's either Vaseline Rosy Lips, Vaseline Cocca Butter or Carmax.Then i spray some Bodymist on my body because i only put perfume on if i'm going somewhere. My favourite Bodymists are the RCH (Royal Collage Hall) Bodymists which come from a set there is bodybutters and the scents of the sprays are, Strawberry, Mango and Passion Fruit.

Then after that my day includes, going on my laptop, Doing schoolwork and chewing gum :)

Thats all for today, I know it's a bit short but i didn't want it to be to long, Hope you all liked it please comment!Bye!


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