Friday, 27 June 2014

How do you do the Super Split

Hi guys! Sorry i havn't posted in AGES! I have been really busy and our wifi was gone for about a week and it was really slow! So i'm going to try post at least once or twice a week, today i'm going to show you how to do the super split hair which you might have seen on Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow or Megan Fox.

STEP 1:Wash your hair with K-Pak shampoo and conditioner.Hair is cleansed while also protecting and stregthening. This is €16.00 and from Joico.

STEP 2: Finish with with a cold rinse to increase shine and seal cuticles and pores.Fine hair can get oily can get oily and this is great trick for longer lasting styles.

STEP 3:Part hair in the centre and apply a small amount of oil to the ends and mid lengths to smooth before drying.
STEP 4: Dry with a large round brush in a downwards direction as this helps smooth the cuticles even more

STEP 5: When dry, secure hair with bobby pins behind your ears and spray with Joico Humidity Blocker to prevent frizz and give the style memory without leaving any stickiness

That's all for today! I hope you liked it, please comment! We also have a instagram account which is:

Bye! ~alisonxx

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