Sunday, 27 April 2014

9 facts about me!

Hello everyone! April here :) I am also doing this blog with Ciara and Alison so i hope you get to know us better :)

1: ( whats your hair colour? ) Ginger
2: ( Who's your favourite artist/s? ) One Direction of course! Ellue Goulding, Coldplay, 5sos, The Vamps, Katy Perry and loads more!
3: ( whats your favourite colour? ) Purple or Blue 
4: (whats your favourite brand/shop? ) New Look, Primark, Kickers, Aero Postalle, Boots
5: (Whats your style currently? ) I go for different unique styles and comfy! 
6: ( whats your favourite beauty/care product? ) Baby Lips!
7: ( whats your favourite perfume? ) Our Moment One Direction and Daisy Marc & Jacobs
8: ( do you have a hobbie? ) Yes i do, Acting, Football & Tennis!
9: ( what is the theme of your bedroom at the moment? ) Bright, Colourful and unique! 

Thats 9 facts about me! thanks for reading, byeeeee! x 

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